Latest diversity and inclusion trends and best practices to create inclusive, productive and healthier workplaces

Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference 2021 

Conference: 31 August-1 September 2021 | Workshop: 2 September 2021
CEO’s welcome letter  
Diversity is all around us; global economic trends and shifts in population structures have changed the way we operate and the environment we operate in.  
Furthermore, significant global events in 2020 have influenced conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion and accelerated organisations’ response to building inclusive workplaces.  
Research shows us that it’s those inclusive cultures that are key to tackling inequity head-on. 
We have also seen how the health, wellbeing and psychological safety of our people are critical in providing sustainable business results. 
The time is ripe for us to share those learnings to help drive collective momentum in this movement for change. 
Join us at the Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference 2021 to discuss some of the existing complex issues in diversity, equity and inclusion as well as the emerging themes in the practice. 
This is an exciting opportunity to bring together the ecosystem of organisations, advocacy groups, and passionate practitioners working in this space. They will share lived experience and stories, evidence-based findings and action plans that work in the real world. 
Ma te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai nga pumanawa o tangata – together we’ll weave the realisation of potential so please join us and bring your ideas to this important korero.
Maretha Smit, Chief Executive, Diversity Works NZ 


  • People Leaders 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Specialists 
  • Change Managers 
  • Multi-Cultural Specialists 
  • Human Resources/HR Practitioners 


  • Acquire practical skills and understanding of the emerging discipline of diversity, equity and inclusion as a leadership competency 
  • Learn how to align diversity and inclusion with organisational strategy 
  • Gain understanding of AIM as a framework of what good looks like for diversity and inclusion in New Zealand 
  • Learn how to tackle sensitive topics in the workplace 
  • Emulate successes of leaders from leading New Zealand public sector and private sector organisations  

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